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“In Honor Of The Fatbeats Farewell (vol.1) We Present” The Arsonists Mixtape

01.Intro – Angie Martinez “Battle of the Beats” Champions on Hot97
02.The Session
04.DJ Roc Raida (X-ecutioners) mixtape
05.A E I O U (Paralyzin’ Vowels) unreleased demo (94)
07.On the Go magazine mixtape
09.Dstroy on Tony Touch mixtape
10.Freestyle featured on Mot Top single “Verbal Assault” (96)
11.89.9 Stretch Armstrong Show, hosted by Bobbito (97)
Side B:
01.Mr. Sinista (X-ecutioners) mixtape
03.Jise featured on Kuttin Kandie (Anomolies) mixtape
04.D&D mixtape
05.14 Years of Rap
07.Swel on DJ Reflex mixtape
08.DJ Camilo “Latin Connection” mixtape
09.Interlude – Dstroy’s Dyslexia
10.Geembo’s Theme

Download Side A Here:

Download Side B Here:

This week is a sound off to all artists that were a part of the Fatbeats legacy. Peace to all those who embraced Fatbeats and made it their HQ for Hip-hop. It is a great loss to our music culture for it to be shutting down it’s NYC and LA stores. It really pains me to see this happening. This was a place not only to see Hip-hop in it’s true form, but to also watch it grow as a art. They gave many new artist a chance to be independent of being signed to a major deal, and a chance to be heard.

This one goes out to Fat Beats and A Crew out of Bushwick Brooklyn Called The Arsonists who took Hip Hop By Storm Worldwide by setting a new standard of lyrics, delivery, and production in the mid 90′s. They also had one of the sickest live shows ever. Big Shouts to D-Stroy, Kinetic NRG, Jise, Ching Rock, Swel 79, Freestyle, Q-unique, Kriminal Krash, and DJ Spin One. Enjoy The classic sounds of a truly special, and talented crew.

“Crew Love” Q-Unique “Crack Era” Official Music Video

Album drops September 7th

“Grass Roots” KONCEPT (Of The Brown Bag AllStars) “Playing Life” EP (Free Download)


Download Here:

“So Fresh & So Clean” Miguel Jontel featuring J.Cole (produced by Salaam Remi) – All I Want Is You ft. J.Cole


Sputnik Brown “Superstar” Posted By:Trustar Music

All The Views expressed in this video are not necessarily the views of Trustar Music or are they???

Fresh Daily:The age of a new rapper

I was recently surfing YouTube (as I often do to pass time); when I became aware of an artist name Fresh Daily. Now, I know to some I am late with discovering this brother, but one thing I always say is better late than never. Lord knows, it would have been sad for me to have never gotten the chance to experience such a talented brother. Plus, with Daily being a fellow Brooklynite; I already knew he was going to bring a certain vibe that only us BK heads could personify.

Now for those who may be clueless to Fresh Daily’s Bio; it goes something like this: He is an emcee, graphic designer, whose persona and prowess makes it hard to disagree with his self-proclaimed title of himself as “the New Jack of Brooklyn boom bap”. Originally going by the name, Ill Tarzan”, he was forced to drop the name due to legal issues with the family of the Tarzan author, Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The lyricist gained notoriety on the NYC underground circuit. He released his first two projects, “Life Music”, his debut album, and premier mixtape “Treats” back in 2008. In 2009,  he then released his sophomore album, “Fresh Daily is the Gorgeous Killer in Crimes of Passion” on High Water Music; featuring appearances by Illmind,88 Keys, Dj Spinna, Frequency, Analogic, 2 Hungry Bros(on production) and several noted emcee’s (Cool Calm Pete (Embedded/Def Jux), Tanya Morgan (Loud Minority/ABB) Homeboy Sandman just to name a few.

Lately, you can find this emcee modeling for several street wear brands (Live Mechanics, Leroy Jenkins, Methods NYC, IHMDJ and Brooklyn Surfer) or having his paintings in galleries throughout the city. He has also performed in various venues in the U.S, to support those efforts. With UVink backing him, he hopes to move his exposure to the next level. Fresh recently released a music video he shot, edited, and starred for the Illmind produced song ,”Get Over”, which picked up over 25,000 hits on YOUTUBE within 3 days. Future aspirations for Fresh Daily include: soundtracks, a T-shirt line and collaboration with several clothing lines. As well as, acting, modeling, more graphic illustration, and plans to design his very own sneaker line.

-D.F. Jones-

Trustar Music & Rivers presents:Da Crazies Mixtape

Trustar Music Group presents:Rivers-”Da Crazies Mixtape” by Trustar Music Group

Fresh Daily “Untucked Nunchucks” Posted By: Trustar Music

Sean Price (of Heltah Skeltah)- ‘Let Me Tell You’ (Music Video) Posted by: Trustar Music

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