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Kidz In The Hall-Semester Abroad

Jadakiss-I Love You (A Dedication To My Fans)

Chiddy Bang-Peanut Butter and Swelly


“No More Pain” Rest In Power Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle

“Revolt!!!” Kendrick Lamar ‘HiiiPOWER’ Produced By J. Cole

“The Evil That Men Do” Eminem & Royce Da 5’9 – Bad Meets Evil Mixtape & CVR Editorial

I remember when my friend at Spin Magazine Prim Chuensumran gave me a promotional press copy Eminem’s first major release The Slim Shady LP in early January of 1999. By that time Eminem’s buzz scorched through Hip-Hop’s Underground scene with a strong campaign dating back to 97′s The Slim Shady EP. His witty word play, humorous, shock valued, smash mouth approach to lyrics had everyone surprised that all this came from a white kid named Marshall Mathers out of Detroit of all places. Not only were we blown away by his witty approach to rapid fire flows, concepts, and cadences, but we had to respect his ability to go off the top of the head and somehow stay in the same cadence as his writing. It was like witnessing magic. Just ask Dr. Dre who fought and won a intense bidding war to sign Eminem. Mr. Mathers started to make appearances on records with his cronies out of Jersey the Outsidaz, did features for Rawkus’s Sound Bombing compilation LP, had a cartoon series on the internet, competed in the Scribble Jam’s MC battle, and the Rap Olympics; having legendary battles with Dose 1 (12 Hobos), Juice (MoleMen). Let’s not forget the beef with Cage Kennylz.

The beef with underground legend Cage Kennylz all started when Cage called my radio show (The Night Train 89.9 fm NY), and said “I got Eminemz bouncing off my balls”. Cage claimed Eminem took his rhyme style and ran with it. The idea of Marshall biting Cage’s style made it difficult to choose sides, and was a little disheartening. Marshall was bringing new hope and excitement to hip-hop with his raw energy and determination. Though most hip-hop fans would doubt Em’s rebuttal to Cage’s claims; Em said he’d never heard a Cage record, or knew he even existed. The face to face battle would never happen. They would later trade offensive verses on records for at least 10 years.

When I finally got my promo copy of The Slim Shady LP from Prim, I rushed home with knowing I was about to witness history via cassette tape. I fired up a blunt, turned on my red tinted light in my bedroom, cracked a 40oz of Old English, and eased back in my recliner to immerse myself into this LP. I was about 8 songs in, and I thought it was really dope that he so far only featured one guest appearance by Dr. Dre thus far- considering the new trend around that time was to load albums with guest in attempt to get more fans to buy it. I felt Marshall had a Rakim approach to his 2nd solo full length (Infinite LP being his first). I figured he wanted to show he could hold down most of an LP on his own. By the time I got to track 19, Bad Meets Evil, I got an ear full of newcomer Royce the 5’9; Em’s longtime homie from Detroit. My curiosities increased tenfold. I started to wonder what a full length LP from the two wordsmiths would sound like. Royce, and Em’s wordplay, and vocal dexterity was equally matched. They were both attacking the beat like two rookies backing all preexisting MC’s to a wall with the tenacity of what sports coach’s refer to is having fresh legs. It was one of the most brutal displays of battle rap colabos to date. Royce went on to release a independent maxi single Scary Movie feat. Eminem with Game Recordings in 1999. The levels of excitement, and curiosity grew. I kept wondering what would be next for the two. In 2002 Royce released Rock City featuring Em…it would be the last song heard from the duo due to Royce’s beef with Eminem’s group D12. Royce, and Eminem’s friendship took a turn for the worst. The hip-hop world began wondering why Eminem never signed Royce to his new label Shady Records. We also wondered if that was the reason Royce started taking shots at D12.

Since then Royce would go on to release 4 albums, and form Voltron with super group Slaughter House with Joel Ortiz, Crooked I, and Joe Budden. In 08′ D12, and Royce would end their conflict, and go on tour after together after doing a song for D12′s Mixtape The Return of the Dozen. Eminem would also go on to sign Slaughter House to a lucrative deal with Shady/Aftermath. Not long after the signing of Royce’s group, Em, and Royce announced they would be picking up where they left off by putting out a Bad Meets Evil EP June 14th 2011 called Hell:The Sequel.

This mixtape is a preview of what’s to come. I can’t wait to hear what these two do with a whole record, but for now we will settle for this 5 star mixtape of freestyles, old gems, and a few leaked songs. We really hope you enjoy this tape because it is a longtime coming. Enjoy this Gem. make sure you go support Bad Meets Evil via tour, and by purchasing the EP when it drops.

Hip-Hop Forever,

-Kinetic NRG

“Cutting Room Floor” Lupe Fiasco-Extra Lasers

1.Love Letter to the Beat (ft. Alicia Keys)
2.Airplanes (ft. Hayley Williams)
3.Army Girl
4.Who Are You Now (ft. B.o.B.)
5.Nothin On You (ft. Bruno Mars)
6.Stereo Sun (ft. Eric Turner)
7.Go To Sleep
8.What U Want
10.We Can Do It Now (ft. Common Jennifer Hudson)
11.SLR (Super Lupe Rap)
12.Resurrection (ft. Kenna)
13.I’m Beamin’ [Remix] (ft. All City Chess Club)
14.Solar Midnight

“Peace to the Death Adder” Necro – The Kink Panther – Music Video – off the album DIE!

Missle Command (Chad Hugo + Dan of the DMV) – “Foolcast #22″

1. Intro
2. No Planes In Space – Chains (Demo Mix)
3. Intel – Pizza Meeeeng!
4. Mazzy Star – All Your Sisters (Nacey Bootleg)
5. N*E*R*D – Hypnotize U (Caligula Remix)
6. Lupe Fiasco – What U Want (Chad Hugo Remix)
7. Uncle Jesse – Boat Shoes
8. Dillon Francis & Dave Nada – Brazzers Theme
9. No Planes In Space – Potholes D Createur Uniden (Demo Mix)
10. Mansions On The Moon – Love Is Going To Destroy Me (Chad Hugo Remix)

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