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The Most Wonderful Year

I love when I go to a movie or an event and leave feeling so inspired. Such was the case last night when I went to see the documentary The Wonder Year at BAM. No, I am not talking about the coming of age TV series starring baby faced Fred Savage, I am talking about the doc that chronicles a year in the life of super producer 9th Wonder.

Directed by Kenneth Price the film is an intimate look at who 9th Wonder is from his roots in Winston-Salem where he shows us the house his father built with his own hands to him talking about his sister that passed away, BrightLady, for which his studio is named after. I was a little skeptical about the movie in the beginning because the camera angles were a little weird, and it seemed like the whole film would just be a close up of 9th talking in a room which could be zzzzzzzzzz.

But alas, there was more to the story than that. We not only hear 9th in his own words tell how he came up with his stage name, what his influences in music were and how he played 9 instruments by the time he was in high school – but we hear from others that know him too including industry peers DJ Premier, The Alchemist, J. Cole, Phonte, Young Guru, DJ Green Lantern, Murs and more. One thing they all have in common is a respect for 9th’s diligence, craft and style. A style that 9th aka Patrick Douthit so eloquently defines as life music – music that is more complex than the average joe can make but not overly complicated in an attempt to impress other producers. Instead, it is somewhere in the middle which to me is a dope concept.

Besides the talk of his background, some of my favorite parts of the film were when you get to see him in action: creating a beat from scratch in his studio and the look on his face while doing so. At the end of the day he is still a fan and that is what drives him. He clearly enjoys it. Even more amusing is the look on the face of anyone in the studio with him that witnesses his magic, they are astounded. As Illmind says, he just has an ear for it. He is truly ahead of his time and that’s what makes him so successful. That and of course the fact that he makes a ridiculous amount of beats in a sitting… like 4 in 40 minutes, and over 400 in one summer. I laughed when he told the story of when he played beats for Jay Z for the The Black album. He played 29 tracks. Then Jay Z described the sound he was looking for for a particular song and 9th pulled out his laptop and sat in the corner and 20 minutes later had the beat for “Threat”. This is just one of many stories proving that it’s not about the machine but really the man behind it. It doesn’t take millions of dollars of fancy equipment to be successful, it can be as simple as a program downloaded off the internet.

9th already has many titles before his name including father, son, husband, CEO, NAACP ambassador, Duke University professor and of course Grammy Award winning Producer but he says he wants to hold one more when he is done making music – that of board of ed member in his hometown. But that won’t be for awhile. In the meantime 9th’s focus is paying it forward like Jay Z told him to by making sure his artists grow (Jamla Records) and get to a good place. Then he can go back to solely making music for fun.

LRG Presents: “The Wonder Year” Trailer | Kenneth Price Film from KarmaloopTV on Vimeo.

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“MOE betta!!” MOEdavey – Terror Creatures From the Grave

Track List:

L.E.P. Bogus Boys @Public Assembly

Wednesday August 3rd 2011
L.E.P. Bogus Boys @Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tickets Avail at TicketWeb

Koncept & Tranzformer “Day Dreaming” (Official Video)

Check out the new video from Koncept of The Brown Bag AllStars & Tranzformer “Day Dreaming” off of their recently released FREE EP “More Than Meets The Eye”. click for download

“YOU KNOW THE LOOK OF…” Ecology Of Love *Full* (Starring Pharrell Williams & Dania Ramirez)

“Net-Worth!!!” T.R.A.C. (To Rule And Conquer) -The Network

Track List:

1.Top Of The Morning 03:22
2.Step Rite On In featuring Drue Davis 03:19
3.Like The Heavens 03:26
4.Radio Heroes feat. Drue Davis 03:26
5.Wicked City 03:02
6.Over My Shoulders 04:23
7.The Risin’ feat.BARON 03:45
8.On The Inside (Edition) 03:53
9.Ms.Geenie featuring Stitch7 04:18
10.Fine Tunin’ 03:16
11.Its Alright feat. Jen Holland 04:40
12.Tel-Lie-Vision 02:28
13.Somn’ For Your Ears 04:13
14.If This Ain’t Music 03:14
15.For The Love 03:24

“LIGHTS OUT!!!!” BHF ’11 – Q-Tip X Kanye West

BHF ’11 – Q-Tip X Kanye West from BrooklynBodegaTV on Vimeo.

“Revolt or Die” Reblematic – Prey for the Vulture

All lyrics written by Creature for Coffee Grind Media, LLC
All music by Omari Gordon, Benny Ortiz, Glenn Normatov* for Coffee Grind Media, LLC
Music for The Edge and Get Up N Go by Mtume Gant for Spitmatix Sciences – ASCAP
Co-production on Set myself on Fire by Fred Ones
Additional music on The Edge and Get Up N Go by Rebelmatic
*Except where noted
Recorded by Nick Brandes at the Brewery Recording
Mixed by Fred Ones at TME Pro, BX, NY
Mastered by Ken Heitmueller
Art direction – Fred Ones THC
Illustration – Fred Ones THC
Art layout – Digital Artifax™
Executive Producer – Creature
© 2009 Coffee Grind Media, LLC
Any unauthorized reproduction is a violation of all applicable laws.

“Left is a direction Suckas!!!” Creature- Embrace the day


While you was preaching to the choir
i was feeling the fire
gone off something trying to get a lil higher
crown of thorns no messiah
you misfired and hit the umpire
now get sober young liar
before things get funnier than Richard Pryor
pain hunger made us swifter wiser
open your heart lift your eyes up
and see these muthafukas despise us

You pray that its really over
weight of the world on your shoulders
cant run away
skies always gray
nothing to say
embrace the day

The death of innocence its been intense
since my homie jump out the window hit cement
cry lament tell god i repent
im a pimp lied till im convinced
i don’t believe it you shouldn’t either
suffocating in this muthafuka need a breather
used to be eager to greet the reaper
that’s why i drank liquor by the liter
they cant be us now they want to beat us
don’t kill the fetus like they did Jesus
cant leave ya respect you like Aretha
bottom feeder look what problems leads ta
roads to ruin expose the truant
stoned for losing broken home influence
highway to hell nine ways to fail
my way you yell to eyes shut with nails
released 01 April 2011
Produced by Prefuse 73
recorded and mixed by supremo
backing vocals- supremo

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