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New Dopeness! Music Video “We Keep Pushin’” The BackBlocks ft General Steele. Directed by General Steele for Bucktown USA Productions.


“Sparks Fly” K. Sparks – Diagnosis: Success

K. Sparks – Diagnosis: Success Tracklist

01. The Show Starts [prod. Moe Productions]
02. Conundrum (ft. Angelous) [prod. Moe Productions]
03. Cashmere Flow [prod. Moe Productions]
04. Chi City 2 Queens (ft. ADD-2) [prod. Kurser]
05. Special (ft. Tina Quallo) [prod. Kurser]
06. Purple Clouds (ft. JAYVINE) [prod. Moe Productions]
07. Gold Chain (ft Angelous) [prod. Marvel]
08. Slow Motion [prod. Moe Productions]
09. Fuego (ft. Lorria) [prod. Kurser]
10. Rain (ft. Laetitia Dana) [prod. Kurser]
11. Apple Jacks (ft. Jarren Benton) [prod. Moe Productions]
12. Success [prod. Slick-Beatz]
13. Senorita (ft. JAYVINE) [prod. Kurser]
14. Testify (ft. Charmingly Ghetto) [prod. JC_BeaTzZ]
15. X-Ray [prod. Navie D.]
16. Over [prod. Kurser]
17. The Show Starts (Remix) (ft. Rapsody & Laws) [prod. Moe Productions]*


Lil wayne – Girl Pants


1. Welcome To The Academy f/ Method Man & Redman
2. Mashout f/ Canibus, Agallah, & Styles P
3. Samurayda f/ Raekwon, Kojoe, & Kurupt
4. Still No! f/ Ras Kass, Phillie, & Rock of Heltah Skeltah
5. Triple Seize f/ Crooked I, Copywrite, & Chino XL
6. Rich Righteous Teachers f/ Jadakiss, La The Darkman, Sav Killz & Billy Danze OF M.O.P
7. Lets Go f/ Royce Da 5’9”, Bronze Nazareth, Sean Price, & K-Solo
8. Code Of Conduct f/ Pacewon, El Da Sensai & Illah Ghee
9. Rapture f/ Rakaa Iriscience, Alpha.Live, Planet Asia, Verse & Rain Quiet Storm
10. Pick Your Vice f/ Labba, Pack FM, Udi, Dzk, & Stack-A-Dolla
11. Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal f/ DJ Absurd
12. Kill Everything (Squad Up) f/ Kurupt, Tri- State, Ruste Juxx & Kevlarr 7
13. Body Down f/ Styles P, Kojoe, & Jaecyn Bayne
14. Rock This f/ Pete Rock, Copywrite, & Planet Asia
15. Paperwork f/ Keith Murray, Sean Price & Big Lou
16. The Alliance f/ Timbo King & Math Hoffa
17. M.O.A.N (remix) f/ Prodigal Sunn, 60 Second Assassin, Killah Priest, & Hell Razah (Sinz of Man)
18. Keep It Movin f/ M-Eighty, Son One, & Jaecyn Bayne
19. Thief In The Night f/ K-Solo, Born Sun, Killah Priest, & Goldie
20. Where There Is Nowhere f/ Reef The Lost Cauze, Chopp Devize, & Timbo King
21. Change The World f/ Matilda, Goldie, & Rusty Redenbacher (of The Mudkids)

“Has Skills Too” Has-Lo – In Case I Don’t Make It

Been listening to this LP non-stop for the last month or so. I can’t seem to put it down. It’s a story of social awkwardness, school crushes, family, the difficulties of H.S., despair, struggle, his beginnings and the triumph of having hip-hop to figure out life’s complexities. It’s all scripted in a honest monotone conversational styled/fiction author kind of way over production by Has-lo that delivers the perfect jazzy blues; leaving the sweet and sour taste of melancholy. I hope you guys enjoy this slice of hip-hop pie enough to support this air tight MC from Philly. Salute!


1.Utero (free) 01:29

2.Build Jewelz (free) 02:57

3.Everything Is (free) 03:10

4.Fiber Optics 02:52

5.Kinetic Energy 05:25

6.Limit 02:22

7.Untitled #1 (Hold On) (free) 03:49

8.Sub-Ether 04:34

9.Forgotten Styles 02:35

10.Untitled #2 (Conception To Procession) 05:10

11.Storm Clouds 04:33

12.Years Later 03:37

13.Subliminal Oppression 04:43

14.Limbo 03:58

15.In Case I Don’t Make It 02:28

16.Everything Is (Oddisee Remix) 02:49

“Beats for Daze” Oddisee – Rock Creek Park


1.Still Doing It (feat. yU) (free) 03:44

2.Skipping Rocks 04:10

3.The Carter Barron (free) 03:54

4.Scenic Route To You 04:59

5.All Along The River 06:36

6.Uptown Cabaret 02:37

7.Beach Dr. 05:22

8.Clara Barton 03:27

9.Mattered Much 03:55

10.Closed After Dark 04:03

11.Mattered Much (feat. Olivier Daysoul)

“Koke” Kurtis Blow Jr + DJ Rockstar – Champagne Dreams & Purple Clouds


1.Shoot Me Down
2.Rose Bush
3.Spoken Cloud
4.Mario Kart
6.I’ma Do Me
7.Strings & Louis V
8.The Anthem
9.Fucked Up Interlude
12.Cheers To The Lions
13.Straight Jacket Nights

“The End Of The Beginning” Domo Genesis – Under The Influence

As seen on Domo Genesis Releases His Mixtape “Under The Influence”. Mostly Over His Favorite Instrumentals, With A Couple From Uzi, Cardo And Some Other Muthafuckas. Click The Photo To Download. Domo Stepped His Shit Up

Download Here

Solillaquists of Sound “Marvel” (official music video)

Marvel from Solillaquists of Sounds latest release No More Heroes (Anti-/Epitaph Records), is the first of a 3-part music video series shot by fellow Orlando MC/producer and first time director, X:144. This series of videos is set to mirror the groups collection of three conceptually linked albums called The Listeners Trilogy. This first video, much like the first album of the trilogy, As if We Existed, introduces the storys characters to the audience. The next video will follow the action-packed dynamic of No More Heroes. The story will unfold over the next couple of months with the release of the next two videos and provide a bridge to the final album of the trilogy.

video edited, directed & cinematography by X:144 (Maged Khalil Ragab) on NO budget.. not one penny!

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