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Phil Ade | “P.O.P. Music” (ft. Casey Veggies) Music Video

Rest In Power : Jazz Legend : Sam Rivers by Brandon Moore

Today Enid Oklahoma native Sam Rivers passed into another dimension of music. Every Rivers fans is listening to endless Sam Rivers albums right now. Maybe an early recording from a 1964 album or the final jams in 2006 from the Rivbea Orchestra. With nearly 50 years of jazz, Sam rarely strayed from the free jazz format.

Sam’s music fell into the broad category of free jazz, or pure jazz, or improv jazz. In any desscription the music still is what it is. Brain Magic.

This music experience could be compared to having your head cracked opened with a bat, then brain magic poured in, and then sewn back together.

While Herbie Hancock learned to play on Sam’s early Blue Note albums, Sam sat patiently while the young musician learned. He never stood in the path of any musician. If you were listening from London, England or a High School auditorium it was all the same.

“Teach the truth to the young black youth!”

Sam Rivers & Rivbea All-Star Orchestra Rehearsal Parts 1-3

Pure smooth melodies torn apart and then tactfully put back together. Sam’s audiences were typically stunned. confused, elated, aggravated, overjoyed and ultimately pleased. This was the strange dynamic of the Sam Rivers experience.

Bringing in local musicans, starting from a free jazz platform and developing a sound right before your ears and eyes. Torturous and rewarding experiences are real, just like real jazz is. Soft melodies followed by loud horns that really rip your fucking face off.

Sam’s carrer started in NY, spanned the globe, finished in Eatonville, Florida – with most of his later performances at Will’s pub with drummer Anthony Cole. Which is where I learned the legend in person, and remain awed.

R.I.P. Sam. Endless Sam Rivers available on Spotify.

-Brandon Moore


Tell them what they missed.

Sam Rivers Quartet 1989 – Beatrice

Novation Dicer – Blakey Performs

“Gustavo What up!!!!” araabMUZIK dubstep live @ 1500M2 | Warsaw

Gods’illa feat. Maimouna Youssef – You Don’t Have To Be A Star

“B.Girls Rule!!!” Boog Brown – The Brown Study Remixes


1.Shine (Nick Tha 1Da Remix) 02:42

2.UPS (Dunc of DTMD Remix) 02:37

3.My Love (Georgia Muldrow RMX) (free) 02:17

4.Blink (Def Dee Remix) 03:18

5.Friction [MarvWon Remix] 02:18

6.Growth (14KT Remix) (free) 03:00

7.Detroit (prod. Apollo Brown) 02:49

8.Friends Like These (Amdex Remix) 04:05

9.Masterplan (Illastrate Remix) 05:31

10.Understanding (Audible Doctor Remix) 04:06

11.Marinate (Has-Lo Remix) 02:19

yU of Diamond District- the EARN

yU first gained acclaim as 1/3 of the Washington DC group Diamond District along with Oddisee and XO. Then he continued to garner success with his solo debut Before Taxes which was named to the Best of 2010 List by HipHopDX, Al Lindstrom, and Above Ground Mag.. yU then sharpened his skills through performances on a European tour and appearances at CMJ, SXSW, A3C, and the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festi val. yU is back with his sophomore project The Earn a progression that is as fluid, lyrical, and thought provoking as his critically acclaimed debut. His new album, The Earn, is a timely meditation on the struggle to advance, set afire by yU’s potent wordplay.

“Freshness!!!” Playdough and Heath McNease – Wed White and Wu


1. Wed, White, and Wu 02:23

2. #CougarSwag 03:43

3. You Know My Steez with Guilty Simpson 02:33

4. RUN 01:44

5. Ol’ Dirty Baptist with MG! the Visionary 03:24

6. Lurch with Freddie Bruno and RedCloud 03:39

7. C.R.E.A.M. 03:11

8. Sweet Love with Manchild 03:40

9. Survival of the Fiddest with Ohmega Watts 03:35

10. Shame On The Liquor 02:55

11. The Ego Has Landed with Propaganda and DJ SeanP 03:40

12. Wu Name Generator 03:20

13. Tearz with The Bodega Brovas 04:00

14. Ice Cream 03:48

15. Half Ghetto with Goldin Child 03:33

16. Gravel Spit 02:45

17. 27 Club with Sintax.the.Terrific 04:17

Philly Swain- They Mad





Philly Swain

Philly Swain was born in the Southwest section of Philadelphia, on September 2nd, 1982. In the year 2000 Swain started to perform in shows with artist like the Brat, Master P, Trina, and Missy Elliot. In April of 2002, Swain signed with a local label named, Take Down Records, owned by the now infamous Alton “Ace Capone” Coles. Swain performed at the Spectrum along with Jay-Z, Lil-Mo, State Property, Dip set, Clipse and Fabulous. Unfortunately due to legal issues, Swains album was postponed until his release. On Swains return from a three year term of incarceration he discovered that the label he was on had been federally indicted. This did not falter Swain who appeared on 106 and Park months after his return, where he became the first winner from Philadelphia. He also went 31-0 at the Mtv Fight Klub.In March of 2008 Swain was nominated Philly’s Hip-Hop Artist of the Year! November 2008 when his Grind Time battle premiered on it was viewed over 1,000,000 times in seven days, surpassing the views of Beyoncés Single Ladies Video. And totalling over 3.5 million views. Swain also starred in a TV sitcom “The Swagger Family” which aired on FPA ch 10, DCTV, Cox Cable, and Verizon Fios in DC, Philadelphia, and Virginia. Philly Swain won the Eminem Red Bull Tournament in Philly as the Best M.C. and traveled too Detroit to battle in the final competition for Best Red Bull Freestyle M.C. On October 31, 2010 Philly Swain’s & Alchemist will be dropping a new street mix tape called ” Its Dad ” on iTunes and Philly Swain He continues to Battle and Destroy M.C.’s with and is now also officially the general manager of Grind Time Philadelphia.

Willie Evans Jr.-| Introducin’

Willie Evans Jr., the Jacksonville, Florida bred MC/Producer/Visual Artist is at the forefront of a collective of artists. The son of a self taught jazz musician, Willie counts James Brown, Wu Tang Clan, Weird Al Yankovic, Stevie Wonder, Jam Pony Express, DJ Magic Mike, Screamin Jay Hawkins and Geto Boys as some of his favorite artists and influences.

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