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Welcome to “The House That Herc Built”

Culture Vault Radio is a site dedicated to providing a eclectic prospective on music culture. All free downloads are hand pick by our music savvy staff, and editors to ensure quality. We are conscious of the the new age of music business, and this is our contribution to it. All files made available for free download are for PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. We hope you enjoy the site. We have so many features coming soon. Thank You for your support. Now go download some free music!!!!

Culture Vault Radio is:

Kinetic N.R.G.
Eddie Atari
Dan Beyer
Da Badger
Nat Martinez

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  1. Greetings Blogmasters!

    Dope underground hip-hop for you here. Music with a message. Unique productions. Bass Music

    “Its a little different, man..”

    Ecg is a young MC from Michigan bringing back the blue collar work ethic to rap. Exploring psychology, physics, and the various malignant tumors and feathers of the American Dream. 

    This record was born out of the oddball productions that serve as the soundtrack for an adventure through urban wastelands and the forgotten corners of the mind, often left to rot as the consciousness turns to newer and shinier distractions.

    We would be honored if you shared our project. Its like a socially and ecologically safe way to share a milkshake between intellectual weirdos.

    Let us know, we’ll have a tweet about it.

    Thanks Buddy,

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