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Nina Sky – Nicole & Natalie (Album)

Track List:

1. Starting Today3.38
2. Day Dreaming (Prod. by Beau Vallis)3.20
3. Heartbeat (Prod. by Ni**Sky & Slimmy Neutron)4.22
4. Comatose (Prod. by Brenmar)3.50
5. Never Kissed You (Prod. by Salaam Remi)4.54
6. Everytime featuring Lee Wilkie (Prod. by Ni**Sky & Slimmy Neutron)3.42
7. Bright Lights (Prod. by Slimmy Neutron)3.37
8. Makeover (Prod. by Ni**Sky & Slimmy Neutron)3.08

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