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“Sending Our Love To Our Elmanita Navani Otero” EDITORIAL (February 27, 2012): Fuck You Too Haters!!!

Dear: Haters, Opportunist, and Frienemies

You guys are the biggest bottom feeders and parasites on the planet. Were you dropped or beaten as children? Was your father a drunk that beat your mother senseless in front of you? Did your grandpa force himself on top of you as a kid? Did you get bullied through your public school years? What the fuck is it that causes you to make the choices you make? Why do you feel the need to feed off the suffering of others?

Y’all capitalize on the wounded like wild animals and yet publicly disguise yourselves in various forms in your everyday civil relationships to your prey. From co-workers, to “close” friends, and even family; lurking with smiles pretending to be supportive waiting on your moment to exploit us. You plot on our lives because you lack the courage to invest the time and energy to improve your own. You’re leeches, and succubi feeding off a host because otherwise you would cease to live your minuscule, hateful, vampire-like existences. You must truly be living a miserable life worth ending. Do you only feel powerful when you negatively effect someone’s life? Is that what keeps you from playing in traffic? You’re all cowards for hiding in the shadows of your IP addresses spitting venom at the brave who aren’t afraid to live in plain sight. You are the opportunistic swindlers that are only around when things are easy; at the first sign of any challenge you’re the first to bail, and the first ones to talk shit about it. You would be the first to verbally camouflage your weak behavior with boisterous chest beating tough talk; be self righteous with your ignorant opinions of others to cover up your abandonment of ships. You’re the biggest frauds I know. You not only lie to us, but most importantly you lie to yourself. I bet it’s harder to be you at the end of the day. Your lack of investment in yourself shows in how you invest in the lives of others. Which means you also bail when your life is hard huh? You’re not built for this business, or strong enough to handle the challenges of being in the public eye. You will forever be less than. Get that through your thick skulls ignoramuses.

As human beings we are all entitled to make mistakes, whether they be made in our private lives, or in our careers public or otherwise. Making mistakes is as inevitable as death. There is no real preparation as to how to deal with them. Their results tend to vary via circumstance. They are fundamentally the natural text in our moral understanding. Nothing teaches you more about the richness of life than the results of making mistakes. To publicly prosecute someone, and dissect the mistakes of others with a magnified hurtful judgment, is hypocritical and uncivil. We cannot continue to live without common human decency, empathy or compassion for others. Not ever taking the time to see how our words effect others. We can’t continue to stab the open sores of the injured in hopes of praise and self loathing. Who do you think you’re impressing? We know your audience. They’re the bored and lifeless zombies that lack the intelligence to enrich their own existence. The folks that are too tired to explore their own lives; the insecure.

I saw the writing on the internet about my sister Navani. Observed the negative comments made after her mistake was exploited for all to see. It wasn’t enough that she was apologetic about “the incident”or that she lost her jobs at the blogs, or her radio show. Now she’s receiving hate mail as well? You guys are coming at her as if she’s Hitler with an airborne sickness. Y’all should be ashamed of your-fucking-selves!!!!

In my three years of working alongside Navani I’ve seen nothing short of the example of a hard working class act. I’ve watched her hustle for every inch of ground she’s covered as a journalist in the true New York sense of the word. She’s a lover of not only words, or the music, but the history of this culture. She’s not in it for the money or popularity. She writes from the sense of responsibility to tell the unique stories of the underdogs that tried and won. She’s built her career on preserving our culture in meticulous detail never missing a beat. She handles herself with more grace than I’ve seen from most folks her age. I’m proud to be her friend and even prouder to have had the pleasure of working with her. She’s one of the most resilient people I’ve ever met. She will bounce back stronger. Despite her publicly displayed blemish we will stand with her like God does the rest of you. Navani Otero will be here challenging the masses with critical thought for a long time, so get used to it.

The colors on this site don’t run. We don’t leave our family to be picked apart by the vultures. We stand up for our people in times of crisis because, regardless of their mistake, that’s what family is supposed to do. It’s not that hard. The businesses and brands that turned fair-weather will pay with their envy in the future. You have no clue what you have taught her and no chance of stopping her stride with your weak movements. Your opportunistic ways of using people will catch up to you if they haven’t already. I wish you peace, but know the War that awaits you. Good luck with that though…..We are doing just fine over here. This is the house that Herc built. Get it right Suckas!!!!

“It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you’re not a winner. It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” -Vince Lombardi

The words, and ideas expressed in this article are the thoughts written and expressed solely by the author Kinetic NRG, and are not in anyway connected to the thoughts of CVR, or Navani Otero.

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