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At the bread & butter you get mad information about fashion, but also zeitgeist trends.

Everybody is talking about suistainabilty. With it comes guerilla gardening, people who live in cities trying to find space to grow things (yeah I’m talking about lettuce!) and a new approach to nature within their degenerated-from nature lifestyle (yeah me too I belong to the type of people who can distinguish all the different types of jelly beans but mix up oaks with beeches and think that mistletoe conglomerates in trees were storch’s nests…).

Next to Replay who have had a living wall for quite some time now already in their own stores, I saw the theme on several spots. Hilfiger has been showing a very innovative booth concept the past seasons (in winter there was an ice rink), this seaon: Grassy hills.

Also the bread & butter fair decorated their stage all grassy, branchy and bushy

Italian brand Relish with their booth at the fair

Another big trend in the scope of sustainabilty and green living is: Leave your car sitting on the sacred, because scarce spot and get moving. The retro racing cycle style is the way to go, now check this out: Beautifully crafted bikes, yes, “handmade, one by one”, Italian brand, you should absolutey check their site!!! They showed their bikes at the “treasury” section of the fair where small enterprises were presenting themselves.

Some more bike-related stuff:

NY fashion brand that uses technical fabrics and designs clothing around bike commuting and its needs:

Bicyle shop in Munich, Germany:

Yet another trend that comes with sustainability: Value the goods you are buying- don’t consume randomly only because it is cheap.

A to your needs customized bicycle does go well with a piece of home grown vegetable and handpicked herbs from the living wall right next to your kitchen table- if you don’t mind the bugs…

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