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Just mentioned the D.I.Y. zeitgeist in an earlier post, so wanna share this as well:

Pharrell Williams, featured in the latest issue of  High Snobiety Magazine ( created a platform called “i am OTHER”: “A new channel and cultural movement dedicated to Thinkers, Innovators and Outcasts – in short, OTHERS. It is basically a creative hub for the young D.I.Y.s”.

Besides his music projects he has been taking further steps in the fashion business. Result is the “bee line”, a capsule collection of the BBC/Ice Cream label that he does with the menswear desinger Mark McNairy. In the interview with highsnobiety, subject: cold weather clothing, he dropped a phrase I wanna share:

HS: Could you ever imagine climbing a mountain or taking part in an arctic expedition?

PW: Hell no! I just like the clothes. But I applaud the lifestyle.

Gotta love him for that. And for the youtube channel. And the clothes. Oh yeah, and the music. Too.

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