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Fashawn – Champagne & Styrofoam Cups

1.Hola Santiago
2.Coogi ft. Mr. MFN eXquire
3.Worldwide ft. TL Cross
5.Diamonds and Girls ft. K-Young
6.Color Blind
7.In Love With A Lie
8.Living To Die ft. Kobe
9.Medicine Man (Drug Free) ft. Wiz Khalifa
10.Just A Man
11.Dark Cloud
12.Heard It All Before


What up everyone? I will be in Shaolin this weekend on Saturday the 8th Spinning at the
120 Bay Cafe (formally Cargo Cafe for you Staten Islanders) Thanks to Gary Nieves, & Jessica the Bday girl’s approval
I will be playing nothing but real hip-hop and classics all night. None of that bullshit the commercial
radio stations plays 24/7. Got a lot of fresh music on deck, looking forward to busting out records
that most folks usually never get to hear when out. If that sounds like something you’ve been craving come check me out. Looking forward to playing some Black Hippie, The Roots, KRS One, Kool G Rap, Wutang Album cuts, De La Soul and so much more. This night will be filled with great tunes and a bunch of cute girls having a good time shaking their asses.
So come by and join us this event has NO COVER CHARGE. -KINETIC N.R.G.
120 BAY ST


Tony Yayo & Danny Brown – Hawaiian Snow

1.Roll Up
2.Bags Double Tied
3.Trap Ball ft Lil B
4.So High
5.On One
8.What Up
9.My Cup
10.My Life’s The Shit
11.Nothing To Lose

“I know I’m late on this but….” Flatbush Zombies – D.R.U.G.S.

Mixtape Tracks
1.Intro (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
2.Breakfast AT ePiffanies feat. Erick Arc Elliott (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
3.Mary, Nothing Above Thee (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
4.Al Bundy (Prod. By Darko)
5.S.C.O.S.A. (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
6.Remember, I Got Money (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
7.Laker Paper (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
8.The Fun Song (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
9.JupiterSound feat. Kilo Kish (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
10.Thug Waffle (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
11.YBA feat. Erick Arc Elliott (Prod. By Obey City)
12.Face-Off (L.S.Darko) (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
13.Friday feat. Erick Arc Elliott & Uncle Nephew (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
14.Drama feat. Erick Arc Elliott & Kaya (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
15.Devil & Us feat. Erick Arc Elliott (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
16.Chuch (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)

Slaughterhouse + DJ Drama – On The House

New mixtape from Slaughterhouse hosted by DJ Drama. Follow @Slaughterhouse @DJDrama @DatPiff

1.Back The Fuck Up
2.Weight Scale
3.On The House
4.Sucka MC’s feat. Freeway
5.Ya Talkin
6.All On Me
7.See Dead People
8.Where Sinners Dwell
10.Coming Home
11.Gone feat. K-Young
12.Who I Am feat. SLV
13.Truth Or Truth, Pt. 1


1. 01 Riece Stereo Monologue 0.20
2. 02 Brandy Linn – holLiwUd (Music by Rieces Pieces) 2.47
3. 03 Metric – Artificial Nocturne (Rieces Pieces Remix) 2.10
4. 04 Cityy Towers – Don’t Fall For Me (Music by Rieces Pieces) 4.46
5. 05 Little Boots – EarthQuake Remix (Music by Rieces Pieces) 2.27
6. 06 Libby – U (Music by Rieces Pieces) 3.02
7. 07 Eddy Souza – Idiot (Music by Rieces Pieces) 3.54 16 plays
8. 08 The Glitch Mob – We Can Make the World Stop (RIeces Pieces Remix) 3.17
9. 09 Prophit – Falls [Spoken Word by Motown Pride] (Music by Rieces Pieces) 4.01

DJ Funky Bompa- TAKE TWELVE (official 90′s hip-hop 12 inch mix)

12inch only super hip hop mix

Selection, mix and remix by Funky Bompa
Available now on limited audio chrome cassette SOLDOUT
50-minutes mix featuring favorite hiphop from 1993-2003
Picture copyright : Laidback brother Julius

01 Non Phixion – Black helicopters (instr) (Uncle Howie 2000)
02 Charizma – My world premiere (acapella) (Stones Throw 1996)
03 KAZI – A.V.E.R.A.G.E. (instr) (Stonesthrow 2000)
04 Dilated Peoples – Worst come to worst (instr) (ABB 2001)
05 Maspyke – The gong show (Bukarance 2000)
06 DJ Shadow ft. Asia Born – Send them / Entropy (Sole Sides 1993)
07 Blahzay Blahzay – Pain I feel (Fader 1996)
08 No I.D. ft. Common – State 2 state (Relativity 1998)
09 Stealth Brothers – Greedy double vibes (Brick9000)
10 Cenobytes – Kick a dope verse (Fondle em 1996)
11 The Arsonists – The session (Fondle em 1996)
12 D Premier – Saturday night live (instrumental remix) (Delicious Vinyl 1994)
13 Pete Rock ft. The UN – Nothin’ lesser (instr) (BBE 2001)
14 Rayer – Carjack (acapella) (9MM 1998)
15 Jigmastas – Till the day (Beyond Real 2001)
16 Masta Ace – Saturday night live (acapella) (Delicious Vinyl 1994)
17 J88 – The look of love (Groove Attack 1999)
18 Amad Jamal – S2finish (instr) (ABB 2001)
19 DJ Design – No games (instr) (Stones Throw 2001)
20 Talib Kweli – Some kind of wonderful (Rawkus 2000)
21 Artifacts – The ultimate (Showbiz remix) (Big Beat 1996)
22 J Live – Them that’s not (white label 1999)
23 Rubix – Revitalizing (Photo Synthetic 2000)
24 Dead Poets Society – Seize the day (E.Y.A. Recordings)
25 DJ Serious – Popped (Audio Research 2001)
26 D.I.T.C. – Day one (instr) (D.I.T.C. 1997)
27 Aheru and Blue Black – Elevator music (instr) (Seven Heads 2001)
28 K-Otix – Take a breather (instr) (Bronx Science 2001)
29 Pharcyde – Runnin (Delicious Vinyl 1995)
30 Quasimoto – Broad factor (acapella) (Stones Throw)
31 Rise – BKNY (instr) (Results Period 2003)
32 Rise – Memories (instr) (Phono Synthetic 2000)
33 Arcee – Super educated (instr) (Certified 2001)
34 Sadat X – The lump lump (Loud 1996)
35 Lootpack – Weededed (instr) (Stones Throw 2000)
36 Jeru The Damaja – Come clean (instr) (Payday 1993)
37 Peanut Butter Wolf – Definition of ill (Madlib remix) (Stones Throw 1999)
38 People Under The Stairs – Code check (instr) (Om 2000)
39 Mr Complex & L-Fudge – Scrape your back out (72 Records 2003)
40 Kid Sundance & Dudley Perkins – Fault (yes) (Fair Deal 2002)
41 The Boulevard Connection – Sut min pik (Fondle ‘em 1998)
42 Nautilus – Twelve (instr) (Innera Music 2001)
43 DJ Vadim – Friction (instr) (Ninja Tune 1999)
44 Dead Prez – Hip Hop (acapella) (Loud 1999)
45 RA The Rugged Man – Til my heart stops (acapella) (Rawkus 1999)
46 Slum Village – Get dis money (acapella) (Interscope 1999)
47 Mos Def – If you can huh you can hear (Rawkus 2002)
48 MF Grimm – Do it for the kids (Fondle ‘em 1998)
49 Deltron 3030 – Virus (instr) (75 Ark 2000)
50 Pee Gonzales – Dans l’style (9MM 1997)

Max Tannone – Mic Check 1234!

“Released in June 2012, Mic Check 1234! is a remix album consisting of rap and punk music. Great rap and great punk both make you want to affect change, to rebel against the status quo, or to simply just get up and move. This project pairs my favorite emcees’ most socio-political material with some of the best punk bands ever.” -Max Tannone


01. Hip-Hop Anarchy (Dead Prez x Sex Pistols)
02. Definition Of Blitzkrieg (Black Star x The Ramones)
03. America Calling (Eminem x The Clash)
04. Police Get Busy (Black Thought x Dead Kennedys)
05. Wolves I Never Said (Lupe Fiasco x The Damned)
06. Los Angeles Blues (Tupac Shakur x X)
07. Talk To The Kids (Nas x Adolescents)
08. Bring The Bars (Public Enemy x Black Flag)
09. Ante Up The Crowd (M.O.P. x Operation Ivy)
10. Youth Words (Kanye West x Reagan Youth)

Joey Bada$$ – “1999″


01. Summer Knights [prod. Chuck Strangers]
02. Waves [prod. Freddie Joachim]
03. FromdaTomb$ (ft. Chuck Strangers) [prod. Chuck Strangers] [Scratches by Statik Selektah]
04. Survival Tactics (ft. Capital STEEZ) [prod. Vin Skully]
05. Killuminati (ft. Capital STEEZ) [prod. Knxwledge]
06. Hardknock (ft. CJ Fly) [prod. Lewis Parker]
07. World Domination [prod. MF DOOM]
08. Pennyroyal [prod. MF DOOM]
09. Funky Ho’$ [prod. Lord Finesse]
10. Daily Routine [prod. Chuck Strangers]
11. Snakes (ft. T’nah Apex) [prod. J Dilla]
12. Don’t Front (ft. CJ Fly) [prod. Statik Selektah]
13. Righteous Minds [prod. Bruce LeeKix]
14. Where It’$ At (ft. Kirk Knight) [prod. J Dilla]
15. Suspect (ft. PRO ERA)

cRITICAL – Quarantine


1.Wreckage 02:27
2.Glidin’ feat. Tzarizm 03:35
3.Time Flies 03:22
4.A Vibe Called Stress feat. Tzarizm 03:26
5.Menace To Sobriety feat. Madness 03:52
6.The Difference 04:05

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